Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sad News

On Memorial Day Weekend, Tiffany Sanders was killed in a tragic car accident. She was a Tangles and Tans customer and Kim's client. Please join us in sending thoughts and prayers for her family in this very difficult time.

Angus M

Here's our very favorite pic of the whole trip! We got to meet Angus Mitchell. He is Paul Mitchell's son. He is so inspirational and seems to care so much about the industry and hairstylists. We love Angus!!

Hair Show

Finally, what you've been waiting for!!! Hair show pics! There's no way I can post them all but here are a few goodies!!


Now Friday needs a little commentary!! Kim's birthday is on May 4. We would be at the hairshow so we celebrated on Friday. What better to celebrate Kim's birthday with than HILLBILLY DAY!!! Just kidding "love ya kim"

Thursday- Pajama Day!!

Playing Catch-up

Hi Everyone!! Once again, it's time to do some major catch up posting to the blog. Things have been so busy, there just seems to be no time for blogging. We have had a lot going on at the shop. We are continuing to get really cute items in every day! We have lots of cute purses, jewelry, and we now have tangles and tans t-shirts!! I do not have a picture to post but I will as soon as I can! It is so cute, it deserves a post all of it's own. We had a hairshow in Nashville May 3-5 but we started the fun a few days early. We decided to have 3 theme days leading up to that. I will start out with Wednesday!! It was 80's Day sorry, not too many pics of 80's day.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another crazy Saturday!!

Saturday was another crazy day at the shop. Angie and Cindy did manicures and pedicures on 15 girl scouts. It went rather smoothly and the girls really enjoyed being pampered.They also enjoyed snacks and goody bags from Sheila. That afternoon we had Halls prom girls and pageant girls. Kim did her girls at the pageant so Angie and Cindy had it on their own.